Horror novel 'Nos Theista'



Horror Novel 'Nos Theista'

Tony Arthur, author of The Chosen, and The Custodian, brings another terrifying Supernatural Thriller with his new novel, Nos Theista.

The story is set in a Futuristic America where genetically enhanced citizens are the accepted, and valued members of society. Anyone falling outside of that category is an Undesirable, hunted by a relentless government bent on ridding its society of them. Glynne Gibb is such an Undesirable who when captured, instead of execution is shipped off to a distant planet called Behgock, a world of the damned!

Enter Nos Theista, the Devourer of Souls. A creature who began life as a serpent of an ancient ocean, but later evolved to become a shape-shifing horror. The creature is feared and reviled throughout countless worlds and galaxies, and its domain is now Behgock.

Nos Theista ebook can be purchased through Smashword and Amazon Kindle .
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