Supernatural Thriller 'Nos Theista'

Another spine tingling Supernatural Thriller from the extraordinary mind of author Tony Arthur 


Horror Novel 'Nos Theista'

From the extraordinary imagination of novelist Tony Arthur, author of The Chosen, and The Custodian, springs another terrifying Supernatural Thriller with this latest release, Nos Theista. The story is set in a Futuristic America, where genetically enhanced citizens are the elite and valued members of society. Everyone else is one the outside, and labeled as Undesirable. Undesirables are hunted relentlessly by a government hell bent on purging their ranks from society.  

Glynne Gibb is one such Undesirable. After eluding government authorities his entire life, he is finally captured. But instead of being assassinated, as is the custom, Glynne is transported to a distant planet. A world called Behgock. A world known as the abyss of the damned! A world from whence there is no return.

Enter Nos Theista, Lord of Behgock. A creature known as the 'Devourer of Souls!'  Nos Theista began life as a serpent in an ancient sea but later evolved to become the ultimate terror. A shape-shifting monstrosity, feared and reviled on countless worlds, and in many galaxies.

Nos Theista is available in ebook, and is available through Amazon Kindle and Smashwords. You can also get Nos Theista right here in ePub or PDF formats. Just click on the PayPal Buy Now button.
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