Supernatural Thriller 'Nos Theista'

Another spine tingling Supernatural Thriller from the extraordinary mind of author Tony Arthur 

About Me

Mr. Tony Arthur is an American author. His latest release, Nos Theista, is his third novel. It delivers the same spine tingling chills, not to mention scares, readers have already experienced with his  debut novel, the epic thriller, The Chosen.  The author then followed it up with the release of  The Custodian, a story so terrifying that the author, himself, was spooked at times as he wrote it. 

Mr. Arthur is a veteran of the US Navy who resides in West Valley of Phoenix Arizona.    

                                                                                 An excerpt from Nos Theista

The Chief Inspector turned his attention to the blood splattered Emma. “And now you, Madame Gibb. Please, tell me everything you recall of the incident.”  Glynne cleared his throat. “Is it necessary to question her? Look, you have my statement and Ekaterina’s. Max at the club witnessed the entire thing. I think my wife has been through enough for the evening.” Glynne interjected. “I understand your concern, but your wife is the one who, uh, committed the act. It is therefore essential that we have her statement explaining her side,” Schmidt said. “With respect, Inspector, you need to understand that Emma is not accustom to such indignities. You must also appreciate the fact that she is the ruler of worlds, and she is more powerful than any Earth monarch, past or present,” Glynne explained. “While I have no doubt those things are true you must also understand that this is Earth, and we are in Switzerland. There are laws here that must be followed by all,” he replied.

  Emma turned her eyes on the inspector. “I will tell you something about me so that you understand just how thin the ice on which you are skating, Inspector. I am Lord Emma Gibb, unchallenged lord of two worlds. On any one of them, only through my designate could you speak to me. That is if I permitted you in my presence. It would be folly for you to assume that what I am, and who I am changes with geography. It doesn’t! Where I stand I am lord of all, always! Whether it be on Behgock, Grazetia, or Earth, it does not matter to me. Wherever my person happens to be I am ruler, my word is the rule, and I am the maker of rules. I, alone, occupy the seat at the top of the food chain. That I am here on Earth cannot alter the reality of me. I say this with deference to Poitr who has been a gracious host and who I consider my friend. He, his government, his country, nor his countrymen have a thing to fear from me. But understand this, Chief Inspector, if I so choose all Switzerland would be mine before the end of this night, by the end of tomorrow’s day all of Europe. Do not provoke me further! Here is my statement to you. My husband and I were disparaged, and I, Lord Emma Gibb rectified it.”

  The silence that followed was tremendous. No other words were spoken by anyone for fully five minutes. The Swiss President got to his feet. “Chief Inspector, I think you have all that you need for your investigation. Thank you so much for coming on such short notice. It will be remembered. Good night, sir,” Poitr said. “Glad I could help, Poitr. I will keep you informed on the result of the investigation,” Schmidt replied. “Splendid, that would be satisfactory,” Poitr said, walking him to the door.

  Ekaterina watched Emma with cross currents of awe and love. “Come with me, Emma. Let’s get that blood off you,” she said. Emma left with her and they went upstairs. Poitr came back in the room and looked at Glynne. Then he went back out of the room and returned with a bottle of wine and two glasses. He poured a generous amount in each and the two men drank in silence for a while.

  “I am glad to have her as a friend. I would not want her as my enemy,” Poitr said. Glynne took a drink saying nothing. “She will make them pay for what they did to you. It is why she is here, isn’t it?” Poitr opined. Glynne looked at his glass and took another sip. “Yes,” he said simply. “Why did she choose Switzerland as her point of entry? Just out of curiosity,” Poitr asked.

  Glynne smiled. It was a sad sort of smile. “It was actually my idea. It had been a long journey. I felt we did not need a confrontation on the way in. And I wanted Emma to rest a little, to relax and enjoy a little of Earth before she takes up the task that brought her. So, I suggested Switzerland,” he said. “There is something very special between you. Cherish it, my friend.”